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SRS Femida

The constant automation and digitalization of court proceedings has necessitated the design of our innovative solution.

The Court Recording System SRS FEMIDA SRS FEMIDA encompasses all previous systems of analog and manual court recordings in digitized forms with its digital multi-channel audio and video recording and minutes of court proceedings based on unified and extendable templates that provide trial transparency and automation of creation of minutes of court proceedings.

The Supreme Courts, Courts of Appeals and District Courts of Armenia (World Bank Project), Georgia, Ghana, Kazakhstan (USAID project), Moldova (USAID project), the Russian Federation (Government Program) and Ukraine (Government Program) are operational and successful clients of SRS FEMIDA.

SRS FEMIDA simplifies the overall work of secretaries and eliminates the use of pen and paper for minutes of court proceedings thereby speeding up the judicial process significantly and has become a basic component in modern court rooms around the globe.

With over 5000 installations of computer based digital recording systems in courts, governmental and financial institutions, public safety organizations, airports, power plants etc., Special Recording Systems Ltd has attained enviable success with the SRS FEMIDA system.

Key Features of Court Recording System SRS Femida

  • Digital 2, 4, or 8-channel audio recording
  • Digital video recording (optional)
  • Creation of electronic minutes of proceedings based on unified and extendable templates
  • Instant playback and review with audio/video and text synchronized
  • Saving and backup of data on hard drive, CD/DVD discs, network resources
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista compatible
  • Client – server" architecture support
  • Single window point-to-click user interface
  • Disaster recovery option
  • Integration with existent third party court case management systems
  • Easy installation, training and operation
  • Watchdog system


Complete legitimacy of all electronic documentation and records, their copies is provided by means of digital signature and transparency of court proceedings due to audio and video documentation.

Preparation of minutes of proceedings with a special editor with application of unified and customizable templates of court proceedings make the SRS FEMIDA user friendly.

The special editor carries out complete fixation of all court proceedings in chronological consecution (event log) and simultaneous synchronization of these proceedings to corresponding audio and video segments of records.

Audio and Video texts are synchronized to give an instant access to the court event required. Verbatim transcripts of proceedings can also be created by the court secretary in total or fragments as need be.

While reading this verbatim transcript one can simply click on any word in the text and the playback of the corresponding passage of the record will be automatically launched making the advantages of SRS FEMIDA very unique.

Easy point-to-click user interface and a special educational version of the program enablessecretaries at court proceedings master working with the system in a short period. Only basic PC skills are needed for use of SRS FEMIDA without speed typing experience.

Transcribing mode with foot pedal playback control function and speech speed variation without pitch affecting helps the court secretaries preparing minutes of proceedings more comfortably and effectively. No additional downloads of media player is required to playback records.

SRS FEMIDA provides data protection from modifications and tampering both in the record-mode and in the storage-mode.

SRS FEMIDA has access controls to these data and stipulates the support of multi-user mode of user rights limitation.

SRS FEMIDA generates minutes document in RTF format without the necessity to install the additional text editor.

SRS FEMIDA provides complex voice signal enhancement – noise and interferences reduction is accomplished.

SRS FEMIDA uses standard removable media (CD/DVD) which in turn reduces the costs for courts. No special format for removable media required for duplicating and archiving all records.

SRS FEMIDA has stationary and portable configurations.

The fully-functional installation of the systems, their technical support and servicing are provided in any region in line with available dealers networks.

The installation, maintenance of the equipment and special software will be carried out by highly qualified engineers, who will prepare the complex for work, accomplish its testing, train the personnel and perform the test court proceeding.